Young student’s script filmed for Mzansi Magic

EVERYONE is feeling the pinch, and as budgets shrink, more and more people are choosing to stay home rather than go out. That’s great news for young scriptwriters like Mantungwa Ndlangamandla, whose script is in the process of being made into a stand-alone TV film.



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The Message: Mini-series

Let the countdown begin to 1st November 2013 begin. That’s when South African Tv will experience the premiere of The Message. An incredibly ambitious independent game changer from David Golden and Reel edge studios.

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Who are the top 100 Greatest South African to ever live?


Next year marks 10yrs since the last vote for South Africa’s greatest South Africans. Isn’t it time we updated our list?  In September 2004, thousands of South Africans took part in an informal nationwide poll to determine the “100 Greatest South Africans” of all time. South Africa’s list was obviously topped by Nelson Mandela, if votes had to done again, that might stay stay the same, but I’m certain the other 99 would definitely be a whole new story.

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