The Message: Mini-series

Let the countdown begin to 1st November 2013 begin. That’s when South African Tv will experience the premiere of The Message. An incredibly ambitious independent game changer from David Golden and Reel edge studios.

Gear-up for a first in South African Tv. When a threat of a nuclear destruction of Soweto is discovered by the National Intelligence Agency, a super-elite team of Special Forces Operators is thrust into a race against time to neutralise the bomb at any cost.This sort of action packed totally independent 100% percent South African production has never been tried before.

I cant wait to see the largest ever Gun-Battle, through the streets of Hillbrow, a quality story and quality actors. Speaking of quality actors…


Don’t you think Pallance becoming the Brad Pitt of SA? Rough, athletic dude who melts the ladies. You disagree? Well, you’ll see. This boy has skills.


Danny Ross like Pallance did well in class act, but he didn’t get his big break, now it’s his ultimate chance to prove his worth. I believe in him.

Why should watch The Message : Mini Series –

* This has never been attempted before by a 100% South African Production
* It is totally independent of all governmental funding agencies, Broadcast commissions etc… They tend to rip the juice out of stories like this.
* They have been getting a massive amount of support, unprecedented really, from suppliers, crew and actors – who are all crawling over themselves to be part of this.
* This movie has action scenes competing with those of District 9, Safe House, Dredd, Mad Max etc… but these where all done on budgets ranging from $30mil to $110mil…
* It is indeed historic: when was the last time South Africa had “TV Event”. TV Event’s or Mini-Series are huge in Hollywood at the moment – Studios and networks all have impressive line ups in this regard, so much so that at the EMMY’s they have split categories and give TV Mini-Series its own category.
* They have ARNO CARSTENS in his first TV/Film role playing a BAD-ASS role.
* Like I mentioned before an impressive cast comprised of Old favorites, with some of the OG’s being: 944674_651242524890837_511408151_n 944441_651255908222832_428833073_n

If you do not recognise those two faces, PLEASE PAY YOUR TV LICENSE.

5222_660853210596435_1891221919_nDedicated staff putting in the extra work. On the right there is a ex-class mate of mine from College; Nombuyiselo Sithole. To keep in touch with histroy in the making like their Facebook page: “The Message: Mini-series” or follow this link:

This is a independent project that requires quick a heavy budget in order for it to be successful. So please feel free to make your contribution to what could possibly be the biggest thing to hit South African screens: 942307_661628213852268_1429679779_n


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