Great opportunity for writers and directors


Call for Proposals for NFVF 1st Time Filmmakers Project29 April 2013: The National Film and Video Foundation have opened a call for proposals for first time filmmakers to make their first films.

The First Time Filmmaker Project is to provide recent film school graduates from historically disadvantaged backgrounds with an opportunity to make their first professional film. Successful writers or directors will be guided in the development of their stories for 12-15 minute scripts for a fiction film over a period of 5 months.


As far as possible themes and story ideas should reflect young South Africans experience of life in post-apartheid South Africa, particularly those referred to as the “born free” generation. The perspective and point of view of this generation of young people is largely misunderstood and often misrepresented. The stories are a window into and a gauge that takes the temperature of where we’ve come from, who we are and where we want to go to. Your story ideas can embrace all genres from love stories to coming of age and everything in between.


The scripts will be prepped for camera in preparation for the production of the films with the aim of the films being completed by March 2014. During this process each director will be provided with the necessary tools to break down scripts for camera as well as detailed strategies for extracting the best performances from the actors.
The successful projects and teams will then be provided with a professional production crew to shoot their film. A post-production supervisor will be appointed to assist them in the editing and final delivery of the film.
Once the films are completed the producers in association with the NFVF will be involved in developing a strategy for marketing and distribution.Finally, a special premiere of three of the best completed films as chosen by their peers will be held at a suitable venue to be confirmed with the cast, crew and creative personnel as well as NFVF council and staff.


In order for a filmmaker to be considered for this opportunity, the applicant must meet the following requirements:
a. Have graduated from an accredited tertiary film programme within the last two years.
b. Be a Historically Disadvantaged Individual as defined in the constitution of South Africa.
c. Be under 35 years old.
d. Be able to set aside the requisite time over a period of 12 months to complete the programme


Eligible candidates for the project must:
• Demonstrate a willingness and ability to work with others in pursuit of the same objective
• Understand the value of and is able to work under pressure and tight schedules
• Not have made a dramatic short film professionally.


All applications should be able to provide the following documentation in hard copy (in triplicate) for consideration:
1. A one page story idea/synopsis by individuals or writer/director teams
2. CV and copy of ID document.
Closing Date: 24 May 2013


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