Mzansi Magic’s Isibaya thrashes Inkaba’s ratings


I guess killing off their main character Mphiyake Zungu played by the talented Siyabonga Twala (which was the saddest thing for me) within three weeks was Isibaya’s secret weapon to doubling the average viewership  of iNkaba season finalle. 


Or maybe it wasn’t because the premiere episode of isiBaya was watched by an average of 104, 628 more viewers than the finale of iNkaba. isiBaya went on to attract an average of 215, 213 viewers in its first week and 352 132 by it’s third week.

In contrast, iNkaba wrapped the series with an average of 142, 488 viewers in its final week – less than half of isiBaya’s by it’s third week.

I f you are an Isibaya groupie, here are some useful social networking locations to stay up to date with the cast and crew.   twitter: @_Grandjo @thafilmaka @nomzamombatha #isibaya #whokilledmpiyakhe

facebook: Mzansi magic,  Mzansimagic please bring mpiyakhe back



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